Pooper Scoopers & Bags

The stinky truth of pet ownership is cleaning up after their messes. But here at The Frisky Pet Supply we believe that the right supplies make for lighter, more pleasant work. The products you will find here are great to use on a regular basis to keep messes to a minimum. A jumbo pooper scooper is perfect for around the yard, with a hassle-free design and durable moving parts that you can rely on. For walks with the dog, never leave your doggy clean-up bags behind; these sanitary bags are easy to grab out of their dispensing box and easy to tie up to throw away. If picking up poo on walks isn’t your idea of a good time, consider an easy grip pooper scooper, complete with its own set of bags.

Take it easy on yourself and invest in the supplies you need to take care of your pet’s waste quickly and easily. Whether you’re cleaning up after one dog or many, we have the equipment you need to be a safe and responsible pet owner. Clean up big messes with a jumbo pooper scooper, and carry pet waste disposal bags when you’re on the go. Take great care of your cat’s litter box area with a litter trap mat, specially designed to contain the little that clings to your cat’s paws. We have a fantastic selection of pet care products online so that you can find what you need before you need it, so take your time shopping with us.