Dog Supplies

Let’s face it; your dog is your best friend, and you want nothing but the best for them. Here at The Frisky Pet Supply, we know exactly how you feel and we are dedicated to bringing you only the very best dog supplies online. When you shop the high quality dog products here you can rest easy knowing that you are getting great products at affordable prices so that your pooch stays happy, healthy and comfortable. Here you are going to find dog collars, leashes and harnesses in a variety of sizes, colors and styles to make every trip out of the house a breeze. Shop dog toys to keep the puppy moving all day long, and dog beds to give them a cozy place to fall asleep at night. Enjoy shopping for your dog!

Set up your dog for a great night’s sleep with an animal print or faux fur Animal Planet pet bed. We carry a great selection of beds, mattresses, crate mats, fleece indoor pet houses and more. Enjoy tug of war with rope toys or hours of fetch with toy tennis balls. You know best what will make your dog happy, which is why we aim to provide the greatest possible array of quality options. Don’t miss any of the great collars and harnesses that we offer; make your walk even more comfortable with a hands free dog collar or a tactical K9 harness. A dog that’s visible to traffic is a dog that’s safer at night, so don’t miss our array of light-up and reflective collars.