Cat Toys

We are so glad you have found all the great cat toys that we offer here at The Frisky Pet Supply! You will have your cat playing like a kitten again when you shop all the great options here, no matter how picky your kitty is. When you have time to play, indulge your cat with fun toys for the two of you, like a fun teaser wand with feathers or fur. When you are away at work, leave plenty of interactive cat toys for your kitty to enjoy on their own, like a punch ball toy, a scratch pad spinning toy or any of the great great-to-chase mouse toys we offer. Keep the cat from sharpening their claws on your furniture with an enchanting scratching board with catnip.

If your cat has been part of your family for years, you know the kind of toys that will keep them entertained for hours on end. But if you have just adopted a new furry friend, a catnip toy set is the perfect way to find out how they love to play. Find all the quality toys that your cat can scratch, hunt and pounce on, all in one place. While you’re shopping with us, shop the entire website for all the supplies you need, from collars to litter boxes to scratching posts for cats. Here at The Frisky Pet Supply we are committed to making sure that pet owners have a great selection of the accessories they need at a price they can afford.